House Rules & Information

1. Communicate! There is no such thing as a perfect roommate. Some people prefer to keep to themselves, while others like to socialize. Some like it warm while others like it cold. With up to 6 residents living together, especially from different backgrounds, it is important that you communicate with each other to make for a pleasant living situation.

2. Be Clean! You are sharing a space with other people so it is especially important that you keep the apartment, especially the common areas clean. Please remember to empty the lint trap of the dryer after each use. Not only does this speed up drying time, but also important to prevent potential fires. You are sharing a room/apartment with other people. Everyone needs to chip in and work together doing chores, taking out the trash, etc. Also everyone should be purchasing cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc. Please make sure to be respectful of each other. No sleeping on the couch. Disrespectful, offensive or violent behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Inspections. We will conduct, at least, one monthly inspection of the property to ensure it is being treated with respect so you are able to enjoy it as well as all of the other tenants. The inspection is generally the last week of the month. As we have students moving in or visiting on short notice we will sometimes make additional trips to any given apartment so it should always be presentable. This means, particularly in the common areas, no visible trash, dirty dishes, stains or damage. Your bedrooms and bathrooms should be generally tidy. You should not make any changes to the appearance of the apartment without written approval from Homestay Anywhere.

4. Guests. Each resident may only have one guest at a time. There should be no more than 2 guests maximum in the apartment at any given time. Guests are not permitted in the house between 11pm and 8am. There are no overnight guests allowed under any circumstance, including residents with private rooms. You are responsible for your guest and any damage they may cause. Your guest may not be in the house if you are not present.

5. Noise. Please keep the noise level down, especially at very early or late hours. This is both for your roommates and your neighbors. Consider using headphones whenever possible.

6. Pets. There are no pets permitted in the house at any time, including pets of friends or visitors.

7. Smoking. There is to be no smoking, of any kind, inside the apartment or on the balcony or patio areas. This includes e-cigarettes and vape pens. Smoking may result in immediate eviction, and you are responsible for your guests behavior.

8. Keys & Locks. Please be sure to always lock the front door of the apartment, whenever you leave the house, whether someone is home or not. This is not only for your safety, and the safety of your belongings, but also that of the other guests in the apartment. If you are locked out of your room or apartment and require assistance to enter, there will be a $50 fee.

9. Maintenance. Please take care of the appliances, furniture and the apartment in general. If something is in need of repair, please email and we will put in a maintenance request. Please describe the exact problem and location in the apartment. If it is an urgent problem, such as a leaking pipe, please call 786-999-2151.

10. Pest Control. This is Florida, so you will see bugs occasionally. The communities have general pest control weekly, but if you need special attention also email us. It is important that you do your part and do not leave food out, clean the dishes, and keep your room tidy.

11. Lights and AC: The air-conditioning should be set between 74-77 degrees. Please do not set it any lower. If your room is too hot, you may purchase a fan for your room. Do NOT leave your windows open if the AC is on. Please make sure you turn off your the lights, fans, etc. when you are not home.

12. Mail. Be sure to check the mail at least once per week. Junk mail tends to fill up the mailbox quickly and if it is full they will not deliver important mail you may be expecting. If any mail arrives for Homestay Anywhere, simply set it aside and we will collect it on our monthly visits.

13. Plumbing and drains. Make sure you are not putting anything that does not belong down the sink or toilet.

***Violation of rules may result in a warning, followed by a fine and possible eviction. Please take the rules seriously and contact us with any questions or concerns.***